Warranty & returns

What are your success delivery rate?

We have 99% success delivery rate.

How my products are packed and shipped ?

We wrap the amps or the vials with lots of  bubble-wrapped pouches so we reduce the possibility of a broken vial.The package is very light and if there is a large order  we will split it in several shipments  with no additional costs. Packing is more than discreet and the cases of seizure are unical. Nobody can understand what is in the package.

Where do you ship from? How about returns?

Please note that we use different shipping locations in order to avoid customs flags. We only ship from Europe.

What happens if my package get sized?

If your package(s) get seized (only 1-2% of orders get sized) we will cover your losses and we will resend the order to another address of your choice (free of charge) only if you can show us a valid customs seizing letter as proof. Unfortunally we had experienced few scam attempts so please read carefully: we require a .jpg scan copy or your seizing letter with high quality settings.Once again , shipments within EU are custom free so delivery is guaranteed. We are focused on Europe market, we are shipping from EU . We can not ship to Australia and United States.Please note that if you fail to send us a copy of that seizure letter, there will be no reshipment! If your order does not arrive in 30 days most probably it means that is seized by customs and you should expect a seizure note (that can take from few days to 1 month due to their system bureaucracy).

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